Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your social media feed, looking for something to post, only to find that all of your go-to ideas have been used up? It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to mix things up and still keep your audience engaged.
Here are 13 types of content you can create for your social media pages:

1. News and Current Events Social Media Content

News and current events are always topical, making them more likely to interest your audience. People also want to know about the news, which often leads to questions (“What’s the latest on this topic?”).
Because news stories usually involve an emotional element or controversy, they tend to provoke strong responses from readers, who will talk about them in their own social media posts. This creates more opportunities for engagement with your page.

2. Videos Social Media Content

Videos are an excellent way to engage your audience. Unlike blog posts, videos are more visual and engaging, so they don’t take up as much of the user’s time.
Videos can be used for many different things: promoting a product or service, telling a story about your brand/company, creating an explainer video (like this one we made!), or running a contest where people submit their own clips in response to a challenge you’ve set.

3. Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to get your content in front of more people. Blogging is not just about writing; it’s about creating a conversation around your brand and engaging with people who are interested in learning more about your business. It’s also an effective way to provide value—which, as discussed earlier, is one of the most important elements of social media marketing. By creating blog posts, you can answer common questions about your business so people don’t have to reach out directly via email or DM on Twitter (which can be annoying). A good blog post will help educate users while also giving them access to more information at the click of a button (and sometimes even more than one click).

4. Memes Social Media Content

Memes are a great way to connect with your audience, especially if you have a particularly tech-savvy audience. They’re also an easy way to make your content shareable, which is vital for increasing traffic and gaining followers. Memes can be used for storytelling by providing visual humour or making fun of current events lightheartedly. This gives your brand personality and allows it to stand out from other brands that don’t use memes as part of their social media strategy.


Quotes are a great way to connect with your audience and can be used in various ways. You can incorporate quotes into your social media posts, use them in an infographic or video content, or even turn them into graphics and share them on other platforms like Pinterest or Facebook Groups.
They’re also an excellent opportunity for you to share something unique that connects directly with the people you’re trying to reach (and they’re often quite fun!).

6. Survey/Quiz

Surveys are another tip for engaging people on social media. They can be used to gather data or to find out what your audience thinks about a specific topic. They’re also an excellent tool for promoting products and services, as you can use them to collect email addresses from your visitors.

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7. Behind-the-Scenes Social Media Content

This content can be used in various ways, but most importantly, it allows you to showcase your company’s employees and culture. Show your employees in action: If something is happening at the office that makes it worth sharing with your fans, take a photo or video of the event and share it online. This might include events like parties or employee recognition ceremonies. Show off your products: If there’s a fantastic new product being released by your company, post some photos of people using it! You could also create an ad campaign centred around this product and run ads on Facebook or Instagram. Give fans access to behind-the-scenes footage: Maybe there are certain areas of the office that aren’t open to visitors all day long (such as storage rooms). This type of content gives fans an inside look at what goes on behind closed doors—and they’ll appreciate knowing how everything works from start to finish!

8. Collaboration with another company or brand

This is one of our favourite types of social media content because it’s so easy to do and can be fun for everyone involved. If you love another company or brand, give them a shoutout! This can be either posting on your page or asking them to return the favour. You can also collaborate with other pages or brands on a post or giveaway together! Just make sure that if you’re going to collaborate with someone else online, they have an established following (or at least lots of fans) so that your followers don’t feel like their time has been wasted by clicking through an empty link.

9. Questions or Ask Me Anything (AMA) Posts

AMA posts are a great way to get people to engage with your page. They encourage people to share their opinions and interact with the brand in a way that builds trust and loyalty. AMA’s can be used to introduce new products and services or even promote a new location!

10. User Generated Content (UGC) Posts

User-Generated Content (UGC) is content that is created by users, not by the company. It’s similar to general user-generated content, except that it focuses on your brand or product. For example, a customer review of your product or service would be UGC because it was created by someone who uses the product and services you offer. User-Generated Content can be a great way to build relationships with your customers and promote your brand simultaneously! If users are willing to share their experience with others, they’ll do this more often if they feel like they’re helping other people instead of just promoting themselves personally.”

11. Shoutouts to Other Pages/Companies/Brands You Love/Partnered With

Shoutouts to other pages, companies or brands you love/partner with are a great way to generate more followers. You can also use them to promote your product or service. Shoutouts are another excellent tool for promoting a charity or cause. Your fans will love that you’re promoting something important to them too! A shoutout is also a fantastic way for you and other people/pages/brands in your industry to connect on social media!

12. Contests and Giveaways

One of the most effective ways to engage with your audience is by holding contests and giveaways. These are great for getting people to your page and can be used as marketing tools. For example, you could create a contest or giveaway promoting your selling product. You could also use contests and giveaways as an opportunity to promote yourself or your brand. Contests work well on Instagram because they encourage users to comment on photos and share their images with the hashtag of their choice (for example, #contest). As people tag themselves in posts, it’s much easier to discover those posts organically by other users following the duplicate accounts.

13. Fill in the Blank Posts that Engage Users & Promote Shares

Fill-in-Blank Posts: A great way to engage users is through fill-in-the-blank posts, which allow users to interact with your brand. These posts are also a great way to promote shares, as users are likelier to share the post if they have something to say about it! Because of this, fill-in-the-blanks can be used as a good strategy for getting more followers and likes on your page. To create one yourself, all you need is an image with a bolded title or question as well as space for people’s responses and then copy/paste some text into each section that explains what customers would do if they were in that situation (or something like “Share your thoughts by responding below”). This will help increase engagement on both sides—your customer and potential customers will get excited about sharing their thoughts with others while simultaneously promoting their own businesses!


So, what’s stopping you? Go ahead and start putting together a content calendar that incorporates all the different types of social media content we covered here. And of course, there is also a large variety of different types of social media content you can choose to create for your social media platforms. Social media is constantly changing and evolving, and new tactics and strategies exist to develop your ideas. There are some examples of this article above, but don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone to try something new. Just remember to keep things simple because if you overcomplicate things, you will lose potential visitors who might not understand what you are trying to put across in the first place.