Social Media keeps on evolving by the day and as exciting as that sounds, it would be arduous to stay up with new properties and developments on social media.

Instagram as one platform that keeps on adding new options on every occasion in a bid to optimize and improve user experience.

They’ve introduced several distinct features in recent years, and this comprises Snapchat filters and alternative updates, a number of those update are fun while others are powerful.

Although Instagram could have “borrowed” plenty of concepts from Snapchat, yet they’re the favourite platform for marketers currently.

As an example, a 2018 study found that 41% of social media marketers were exploiting Instagram Stories for campaigns as against the mere 9% making use of Snapchat Stories!

In case you’re too busy and have incomprehensible all the updates released by Instagram, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this article, we shall be exploring eight inspiring Instagram stories options that you must not miss in 2019.

Instagram Stories Pool Sticker for Ads

This feature is one of the first interactive elements for Instagram’s ad studio. It’s a simple two-option poll that shows results, once someone picks an associate choice.

You are currently able to add this sticker to stories ads created for Instagram. The good thing about this feature is that results are always positive! In the beta launch for this new ad feature, some marketers had as high as 90% cost-per-view, and up to 70% more app installs.

The “Close Friend” List

These lists may be ignored by plenty of marketers; however, with a bit of creativeness, the list comes in handy for marketers.

This list could be used to communicate with clusters of unique customers if you have got any values that pertain to their specifications. For example, specific content that you need to share with early adopters, or if you would like particular folks to be aware of a brand new store in a very physical location, native customers can be added in other to create awareness for them.

The close friend list is out there on any Instagram Stories content. You could create your friend list and add/remove folks at any time. No notifications are going to be sent after you add or discard the people in the list.

Instagram Stories countdown Sticker

With the countdown sticker, you’re able to set a future date and time, and it mechanically counts for you. There is a bunch of cool stuff you could use the countdown sticker with. For example, you can explore it to count to a live video, using it to countdown a brand new product exhibition, exploiting it to countdown to an announcement on Instagram and additionally count down to an event you will be held shortly.

The countdown sticker feature is very interactive and gets your audience engaged with you and to get updates concerning your brand.

Hide Hashtags

Sometimes, rather than posting hashtags within the caption itself, some Instagrammers can place a block of hashtags within the first comment. This way, you have got a caption that’s clear and speaks solely the message you would like folks to understand. However, the post remains classified within the hashtags you want!

Similarly, hashtags in your Instagram Stories can facilitate users to find your content through hashtags. You could additionally use the hashtags sticker in adding your hashtags also like other beautiful stickers you’d need to add. However, some folks could have issues with the aesthetics of their story content with multiple hashtags.

This is often resolved by hiding your hashtags behind other stickers or behind colour swipes. If you begin with the hashtags, every alternative thing can be layered on top such that your hashtags don’t seem to be even visible.

In view of the above, you can see there are plenty of marketing opportunities features out there on Instagram. And we think you will like to include them in your marketing process.

How do I go about it?

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