Social media is one marketplace with only one product on display; Content.
Without consistent doses of this, social media is nearly as good as dead.

In a marketplace, saturated with only one product variety is vital for the survival of brands marketing their products and services on these platforms.

On social media, your content needs to be inventive, engaging, relevant, and consistent.

This will help you to diversify your content contents, creating format, making it easier to put up quality content consistently, and as well show you what platforms are best fitted to every of your content types.

1. Videos [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine]

Videos content are the best in recent time, particularly on Facebook. As long as you have got a good brand story to tell, videos are your best bet for getting your message across effectively to your audience.

A good video can offer your brand better engagement and CTRs, and there are a lot of many tools online that allow you to create videos starting from Instagram  to animations and full HD.

Similarly to these types of videos, you can stream videos to a live audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Videos are an excellent way to create and convey your message to your target audience.

2. Infographics[Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest]

Infographics are a graphical illustration of information. According to the Content desk, infographics are 30 times likely to be ready than a pure text article.

This offers your content a unique feel altogether, and it displays all you would like to discuss in one look.

It’s an advantageous approach to making content for your social media pages because it helps your reader to digest a significant amount of information in small memorable time.

Again, there are a lot of free tools for making great infographics with some minute and one of them is Canva.

They’re straightforward to use and works wonderfully for your social media engagement.

3. Slideshows and pictures [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat]

Slides, photos, and infographics facilitate to interrupt the breaking down of your meaningful content into smaller bits and focus one idea at a time.

You can make use Microsoft PowerPoint to convert your content to slides on your social media pages.

You can also use a product like Slideshare on LinkedIn and Slide boom to convert your PowerPoint presentation to flash for easy sharing.

For pictures, get HD quality photos from sites like Pexels, Unsplash Isorepublic, etc. and edit them to your taste using Canva or any other free online image editor.

4. “How to” Type of Content for (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

Significant demand for information has driven the “how-to” type of content into one of the first read types of content on social media.

With a significant increase demand for information, the “how-to” type of content is so popular that it can be in any format and yet attract your audience.

When writing, ensure you illustrate you write up with useful and practical information that helps your audience achieve their goals in real-time.

You do this by finding out the major pain point of your audience and help them solve it using a step by step approach.

They will happily engage with your content.

5. Create Lists [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest]

Like the “how-to” type of content, Lists are also a renowned type of content.
In a world where the average attention span is three seconds, lists are an excellent way to pass across relevant or helpful information to a specific type of audience.

Examples of such types of content are “ten fruits that are grown in only one part of the world”, “15 top financial institutions in the world” and so on.

Once you pick a good topic and pick a number, your list is halfway made. Create a list on your social media page and watch it work magically.

6. Use Links [Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn]

On social media, individuals like information to be as brief as possible. Thus to get people to read your long-form content, put it in a blog on your website, then share the links of such content across your social media pages.

You could also curate content from another site that is useful and relevant to your audience and share them as links on your social media pages.

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