Project summary

Dream Trading is a family run brand that is the concept of founder and owner Annette Ibru, who had a vision of adding a unique personality to the homes of Nigerians. Established in 1998, Annette’s primary goal for Dream Trading is to share the experiences she was privileged enough to see travelling around the world’s most prestigious maisons, through the procurement,display and sale of such products. With a company tagline of Characterful, Quirky, Quality, we strive to provide pieces that will add unparalleled character to your dwelling space through our carefully curated collections.

our vision to provide a unique customer value proposition, with our core focus on value added through achieving our key consumer satisfaction factors. These factors are a guarantee of providing quality products that are of good value for money, accessible, unique and have strong resale timelessness, in conjunction with a customer and buying experience that is on par with the quality of our items.

As a family owned and run business, our company’s values concentrates a strong emphasis on providing a homely and fair transacting environment that is warm and welcoming to all of our customers and various stakeholders alike.

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