Project Summary


About the Client

At Advocat, we believe that Legal should be a delight to the people who need it. Attorneys should help business get done, and their jobs should be joyful, not tedious. We believe the relationship between Legal and those who need it is interrupted by the volume of attorney responsibility and legal noise. We fix it by absorbing the noise and delivering a clean user experience. 

Faster Contract Creation and Administration

By replacing traditional computer input with natural dialog, Advocat assists users in finding the right contract templates, finding relevant data, performing legal research, and presenting it to counsel for approval.



Step 01

The Challenge

Advocat  AI  is an award winning legal  innovative company that leverages technology to proffer aged long solution for attorney and legal department of companies. Despite that the company provide a unique solution . It lacks brand visibility and solid digital footprint.

In respect to the above the brand need immediate online visibility and to establish domain authority for their brand and identity while also increase their market reach and potential customer. 

In essence, the brand has little or no social media positioning and above all  substantial digital footprint to create brand credibility. 


Step 02


  1. Robust digital marketing plan and architecture.
  2. We implemented Pay Per Click advertising on Google search engine result pages using intent-driven search keywords, custom interest targeting. 
  3. Display ads on top web publishers to drive traffic to the new Advocate AI Place websites.
  4. Google my business strategy 
  5. Devise automated bidding techniques like Maximize conversion and time of day scheduling to improve conversion rates.
  6. Audience centric  and engaged social media content.
  7. Strategic content planning and publishing.

Step 03

Finally Get the Result

  • The ad, seen more than a million times delivered over 13K Visits to the new websites in the first month of the campaign launch. The brands websites were also number 1 on Google SERP anytime someone searched for keywords relating to their services. By the end of the campaign over 5000 people performed one desired action or the other, generating huge ROI for the brand. 
  • 3.4k post impression 
  • Monthly 94% page views.
  • 79.5% monthly unique visitor 


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