Instagram photo editing

How to improve your Instagram photos with just a few simple tips


You may not think of Instagram as a place to improve your photography, but it can be. The app is full of creative people eager to try new things and learn more about their craft—including photography! If you’re looking for ways to spice up your Instagram photo up, consider implementing any or all of these tips.

Keep the rule of thirds in mind when you’re composing your photos.

The rule of thirds is a guideline that helps you compose your photos. It’s a good starting point for creating quality pictures, but it can also help you improve your Instagram photos by providing structure and inspiration.

The rule is pretty simple: divide your photo into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. Think about where the horizon should be about these lines to create a more interesting image or place elements along them—you’re guaranteed to get something more appealing than if you just throw everything into the centre of the frame without much thought!

The rule of thirds isn’t just for landscapes and nature shots; it works well with all types of photography because it forces us to think about composition instead of relying on instinct alone; this improves our chances of taking better pictures overall (and those who want even more guidance may want to try using other techniques like geometric shapes).

Consider switching things up.

When photographing a subject, try switching the angle you shoot from. A slightly different angle can be enough to make your photo look fresh and interesting.

If you’re more comfortable with the camera in front of you while taking photos on Instagram, consider getting creative by shooting from above or below your subject instead. This can help showcase things like patterned backgrounds and architecture in a way that would otherwise be difficult to capture successfully with just one point of view.

Look around before you press the shutter button.

Look around before you press the shutter button. Before snapping a photo, take a moment to look around and see what unique or interesting angles there are. Look for something different from what’s in front of you. Does your camera phone have an adjustable focal length? Use it! If not, use an app like Snapseed or VSCO Cam to adjust contrast and other settings on the image after it has been taken.

Use depth-of-field to your advantage.

The first thing you need to know about the depth of field is that it applies to the area of a photo in focus, otherwise known as the foreground and background elements. The greater the distance between your subject and the background, the shallower your depth of field will be because less space (and thus less light) will be able to reach both areas.

The more you zoom in on your subject, the shallower your depth of field will be. This will create a sense of “depth” in an image by focusing on one object while blurring out everything else around it – giving viewers an idea of where they should look next without having them look directly at anything else in particular!

Know how to use your phone’s camera modes.

If you’re new to photography or are just looking for a few tips to help improve your Instagram game, here are some of my favourite ways to use the camera modes on your phone.

The first is called “Smart Auto.” This mode automatically chooses the best settings for each shot based on its surroundings and light. It’s great for when you’re in a hurry, but if you have time and want more control over what’s happening in your photo (like if there’s something specific that needs fixing), I’d avoid this setting and move on to another one.

Next up: “Portrait” mode. If you want professional-looking photos of people—and not just selfies—then this is the way to go! In portrait mode, it will soften skin tones while sharpening edges around hairline details like eyes and lips, making them look nice against backgrounds like skies which can be distracting otherwise when trying to shoot outdoors using regular settings.’

Learn to use apps like VSCO or Snapseed.

Editing your photos is a great way to improve the quality of your Instagram feed. Editing apps like VSCO and Snapseed allow you to adjust the settings of your photo—from brightness and contrast to how much saturation you want in each colour. You can even use these editing apps to add filters that give your photo that extra flair!

Here are some tips for how to edit using an editing app:

Open up the app on your phone or tablet. You can search “editing apps” on Google Play or Apple App Store or simply download one of the most popular ones like VSCO or Snapseed.

Select a photo from your camera roll that you want to edit first by tapping on it once it appears in the editing interface (see below). Once selected, you can start making changes such as adjusting exposure settings by dragging sliders up/down until desired results are achieved. Or perhaps try adding some warmth with filters such as Kodak 94

Play with light and shadows.

When taking photos for Instagram, you want the first thing people notice about your pictures to be the content and not the quality. So instead of focusing on getting everything under the sun (pun intended), play with light and shadows instead.

Take photos of shadows, not just light; take photos of reflections; take photos of light on a subject; or even better yet, use natural light as much as possible so that you don’t have to rely on artificial lighting! If you use artificial lighting, try keeping it minimal—you don’t want to overwhelm your shot with too many bright lights or attract attention away from where it should be: on your subject matter.

You should also avoid using flash whenever possible because this tends to wash out colours in photographs taken indoors (and makes skin look weird).

Embrace creativity!

By learning about photography, you will be able to create great photos. The best way to do this is by embracing creativity and using your imagination. Think of ways to use the different elements of photography to your advantage.

For example, if there’s a lot of natural light in your house, then maybe take some photos during that time because it will give off a warm glow that enhances all types of photos, from portraits to landscapes.

You’ll also want to get creative with how you edit your pictures because editing allows for more freedom when creating content for social media or just for fun!

Use natural light

Natural light is the best light to shoot in. It’s flattering, natural and beautiful. Natural light will make your photos look more professional, so use it whenever possible!


You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take good photos on Instagram. You just need the right tools, a little creativity, and some patience. As long as you keep these simple tips in mind when you are out taking pictures, we promise that your Instagram feed will look better than ever! creativity, and