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Ibadah Wears is a pioneering modest fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria, dedicated to providing modern, stylish, and ethically crafted apparel and Islamic essentials. As a traditional Henna party and events decor, expanding to be a pioneered Islamic fashion brand in Abuja, Nigeria. They consulted DMi Agency for a full e-commerce dropshipping website where they could display their products to the world and make them easily accessible for people from anywhere across the world to order.
DMi Agency’s expertise in Brand identity design, website content writing, e-commerce and dropshipping website development, API integration, product photography,  social media management, and website management support played a crucial role in enhancing IBADAH WEARS strong online presence,  get their brand noticed, and turn website visitors into paying customers. The results? A resounding success!  IBADAH WEARS’ online presence boomed, brand awareness soared, and conversion rates climbed steadily.  This is what happens when you work with DMi Agency!

100% increase

80% growth

100% increase

100% increase

100% increase

By leveraging DMi Agency’s expertise in e-commerce website development and digital marketing, IBADAH WEARS successfully established strong and competitive online visibility, a good reputation, and a user-friendly platform, which helped them solve their initial business challenges. Our comprehensive, user-centric approach resulted in not just immediate brand visibility and sales but also laid the foundation for sustainable growth and conversion.

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