Vanity Hair Studio

Vanity Hair Studio, a top-rated salon established in 2008 by Heidi White, has been delighting clients and building a strong business reputation. Recognized by Elle Magazine as one of the top 100 salons in the US for two consecutive years, Heidi and her talented team have created a successful salon in a 1200 square foot studio. To expand their online presence and attract even more clients, Vanity Hair Studio partnered with DMi Agency.

DMi Agency’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy led to a significant increase in online engagement, website traffic, and new clients visiting the salon:

45% increase

300% more click

105% growth

40% more returning visitors

By showcasing stunning hair transformations on social media, leveraging targeted local ads, improving search rankings, revamping their website, and positioning Vanity Hair Studio as an industry thought leader through informative articles and blog posts, we helped elevate their brand and drive more business.
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